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Short Throw

Short Throw

Short Throw Projector

Short throw projector is ideal and useful for projection for limited space e.g exhibition booth. It is easier to position than a normal throw projector. 

Most of the short throw projector have a throw ratio in the range of 0.49 up to 0.76. It uses half the distance of what normal projector need to project the same sized image. Depend on the model, with a throw ratio of 0.49, it can produce a 2.2m wide 100" diagonal screen at a mere distance of 1.1m.

The smallest screen that a short throw projector can produce is 50" diagonal, the biggest screen it can project is 250"

Short throw projectors are commonly used in application such as business exhibition, art exhibition, golf simulation, aviation flight simulation, game simulation.

There are many models available on the market, their main differences are their throw ratio, resolution, warranty period, maximum image screen size and wireless capability. 

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  • Throw Ratio: 0.72 - 0.87
    Image Size up to 120"
    BenQ Mw632st Short Throw Projector BenQ Mw632st Short Throw Projector
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    BenQ Mw632st Short Throw Projector 3200 Lumens HD

    RRP: $1,299.00
      BenQ Mw632st Projector WXGA, 3D Short Throw Projector 3200 lumens, 10000 Hours Lamp Life. MHL - Connect with Phone & Tablet!   2 Years Australia Benq Warranty Big Pictures in Small Spaces   The BenQ MW632ST offers...
  • Throw Ratio: 0.48 ~ 0.65
    Image Size up to 116"
    Epson EB-535W Projector Epson EB-535W Projector
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    Epson EB-535W Short Throw Projector 3400 Lumens HD

    RRP: $1,499.00
    3400Lumen, WXGA Resolution, Short Throw, Optional Wireless, Interactive. HDMI. 16W Speaker. 3 Years Australian Epson Warranty, Lamp 12 Months or 750 Hour Epson EB-535W short throw projectors provide ultra-bright image quality up to 3,400 lumens both in...
  • On Sale
    Brightest HD Short Throw.
    Built-in USB Media Player!
    Vertical & Horizontal Keystone.
    Optoma w460st Projector Optoma w460st Projector
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    Optoma W460ST Short Throw Projector 4200 Lumens HD

    Now: $1,399.00
    Was: $1,599.00
    Optoma W460st Projector   Optoma W460st Projector    Throw Ratio: 0.5 Screen Size: | 16:10 Installation Distance    94" 202cm x 126cm 1m 109" 235cm x 147cm  1.2m 128" 276cm x 172cm  1...
  • Support 4k HDR signal!
    50000:1 Contrast!
    Fast 8.4ms !
    Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Projector 3800 Lumens FULL HD
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    Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Projector 3800 Lumens FULL HD

     Optoma Gt1080HDR Short Throw Home Theater Projector  Optoma Gt1080 Projector Throw Ratio: 0.5:1 Screen Size: Installation Distance 92"   204cm x 115cm 1m 100" 221m x 125cm 1.1m 110" 244cm x...
  • Throw ratio: 0.52
    Protrait Mode;
    360° Projection;
    BenQ LW820ST Projector BenQ LW820ST Projector
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    BenQ LW820ST Short Throw Laser Projector 3600 Lumens HD

    BenQ LW820ST Projector 3600 Lumen Short Throw 20000 Hours Laser LED 360 Projection   BlueCore Laser Projector with Short Throw, WXGA | LW820STUninterrupted Learning Through Long-Lasting Projection. The World’s No.1 DLP brand BenQ...
  • BenQ LU951ST Projector BenQ LU951ST Projector
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    BenQ LU951ST Short Throw Laser Projector 5000 Lumens Full Hd

    BenQ LU951ST Projector WUXGA Short Throw Installation Laser Projector with 5000 Lumens | LU951STLong-Lasting BlueCore Laser Performance for Flexible Short Throw Installations BenQ LU951ST delivers breathtaking WUXGA images with pristine DLP picture...