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Outdoor Projector

Outdoor Projector

Outdoor Projector

Isn't it nice to enjoy watching movie outdoor in a summer evening either privately or with a group of your friends or watch your favorite sport team on the big screen during the finals? Compare to screening indoor, outdoor area have more open space and allows you to host more people for your screening.

Outdoor Cinema is becoming more popular in recent years. Below, we will answer some of the question that is commonly related to outdoor projector.

What is required for setup for a outdoor cinema?

Pretty much, just a projector, screen, a long power cable and video source like Blu Ray player, Media player or a Wireless device like Chromecast or Apple TV to play Netflix or Youtube. Please check weather forecast and constantly monitor the weather in case of rain. You do not wish your projector or equipment to be in contact with water as it hazardous.

Is there projector that is made for outdoor?

At the meantime, there is no weatherproof projector made on the market. Projector are electrical device, it's only designed to be used indoor. It needs to be packed away when not in use. There are outdoor projector screen that can be as large as 200" and is pack-able when not in use. Some people may like to place the projector under cover under a shed or in a patio, projector is a electrical device, moisture or water maybe in contact with the projector. It's advisable to pack away the projector when not in use. 

If you just want to watch casually in the outdoor and want something easily to set up, consider a mini projector.

Should you buy a expensive high lumens projector?

High lumens projector may only required if you're projecting to a large screen e.g 300". Unless you're hosting a party for few hundread people, most of this high lumens projector is used by Commerical Hired Company. It is not advisable to buy an expensive high lumens e.g 7000 lumens+ just to use it in daytime for outdoor cinema. The best time to watch a movie outdoor is around evening or at night. Most people choose to do something else in the morning rather than watch movie outdoor, if you intend to use the projector in morning or noon bright and early, consider something rather than a projector.

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    50000:1 Contrast
    4000 lumens! HDR!
    Throw Ratio: 1.12 ~ 1.47:1
    Optoma HD39HDR Home Theater Projector 4000 Lumens Full Hd
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    Optoma HD39HDR Home Theater Projector 4000 Lumens Full Hd

    Now: $1,499.00
    Was: $1,999.00
    //  Optoma HD39HDR Home Theater Projector Optoma HD39HDRProjector Throw Ratio: 1.12 ~ 1.47:1  Screen Size: | 16:9 Installation Distance 92"   204cm x 115cm 2.3m - 3m 100" 221m x 125cm 2.5m - 3...
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    5000 Lumens
    Throw Ratio: 1.41 ~ 2.24
    Optoma EH512 Projector Optoma EH512 Projector
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    Optoma EH512 Data Projector 5000 Lumens FULL HD

    Now: $1,879.00
    Was: $2,999.00
    //   Optoma Eh512 Projector   Optoma Eh512 Projector Throw Ratio: 1.41~2.24‎:1 Screen Size: Installation Distance 92" 204 x 115 cm 2.8m to 4.2m 100" 221m x 125cm 3.1m to 4.6m 110" 244cm x 137cm 3.3m...
  • Throw Ratio: 1.47 ~ 1.76
    3 Years Warranty
    Viewsonic PX747-4k Projector Viewsonic PX747-4k Projector
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    Viewsonic PX747-4k 4K Projector 3500 Lumens 4K

    RRP: $2,799.00
    Viewsonic PX747-4k Projector   Viewsonic PX747-4k Projector    Throw Ratio: 1.47~1.76‎:1    Screen Size: | 16:9 Installation Distance 92"   204cm x 115cm 3m to 3.5m 100" 221m x 125cm 3.1m...