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Mini Projector Guide

Mini Projector

Mini Projector also call Pico Projector is a Portable Projector that is literally as small as your palm. It is so small that it can fit your pant's pocket or in a briefcase. It is a very good company of a laptop for business meeting.

It can also be used as a movie projector in a bedroom or hotel room as it's very easy to set up and can project to the wall.

It's Ultra Portable, usually weigh less than 500 grams. Some of them have battery built-in, some do not. Some have a usb player built-in while others just act as a usb power output.

With the use of a wireless dongle, you can turn the projector into wireless too. It allows you to transmit picture, document wirelessly. Brightness can range from 150 lumens to 1000 lumens. Price start from $4xx only. 

Below are model we recommend:

Optoma LV130 - 300 lumens with Built-in Battery

Optoma LV130 LED Projector

 Optoma Ml750 - 700 lumens

Optoma ML750 Portable LED Projector

Optoma Ml750st - 800 lumens

Optoma ML1050ST Short Throw LED Projector

Optoma Ml1050st -  1000 lumens

Optoma ML1050ST Short Throw LED Projector 

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